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Welcome to Go TLDR website — we will bring you the fastest email on iPhone now on your Apple watches.

You can see a lot of long email messages that are sent to you by many people. Others are posting messages in your news feed and even if you want try and read all the messages, it is sometimes hard for you to do so. In the end, you give up reading because you are lazy and have no time to read such long messages. On the other hand, when it comes in writing long emails, we sometimes spend a lot of time just like fixing a car or doing a garage door installation in Albuqerque. To make sure that the recipients will read your messages, it is preferable to be concise and write as short as possible.

TLDR is an acronym for Too Long, Didn’t Read or Too Lazy, Didn’t Read. It is mostly seen on the website, it’s either at the end or beginning of a long post or in the comments section. It’s quite a common abbreviation.

If you see TLDR that is mentioned in the post, the reason is to point out the length of a message so that someone can skip to the TLDR section and get a quick overview of what the story is about without having to read the whole thing.

Go TLDR messages application was created by the genius developers of this app. For you to understand the Go TLDR app, here are the features of our new and proudly released version of the application to enable iPhone and Apple watches users to read emails faster.

• Go TLDR app takes the first 50 words of each incoming email and turns it into a post, so you can read emails as fast as you read your Facebook feeds.

• It allows you to quickly reply to emails directly from the feed, and only dive in when you really must. You can even respond with a Like to an email with just one tap.

Go TLDR Email application is now available on the Apple watch. It is an email mobile application that helps make it easy to send short email messages. Go TLDR email app allows you to reply from your Apple watch, Like, Archive, Delete, or Save for Later reading. It also provides read time estimation and optimizes your notifications. It will only notify you about your Gmail Primary folder, so there are no promotions you can see on your Apple wrist watch.

The Go TLDR email app on iPhone can be enjoyed right on your Apple watches. Download it now and enjoy the benefits of this email app. In addition to its essential benefits to your reading and writing email messages, it is provided free of charge for you to experience the whole service of Go TLDR app.

We only wish that you will support us in our updates and new services in the near future. Feel free to use our website, application and download through the Apple store. Visit us more often and give us feedback and suggestions anytime.

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