— Do we need to register our email account if ever we download the Go TLDR email app on our iPhone or Apple wrist watch?

Yes, of course you need to register, for the app to use your Gmail account. This will enable the Go TLDR email app to work best on your iPhone and Apple watches. If you are worrying about the security of your account, Go TLDR app will not access the content of your email we all know that this is against privacy laws and we know the responsibility and consequences that we can face if we ever do that. Terms of Policy and Privacy is the one that we have to agree on after you download the Go TLDR app.

— What if I already signed in to my account but after I log out, I forgot my password and cannot sign in again? Is there a probability for me to recover my account to access the Go TLDR email app again?

Of course, we will allow you to recover your password and sign in again. All you have to do is enter your email account then tap the forgot password section then it will automatically send you a form. Fill it out with your credentials and your preferred password and add your mobile number so that the Go TLDR app will be able to automatically send you the confirmation code. Input the code on the app form and click send. After that, you will be able to access and enjoy our app again.

— Can the Go TLDR email app be downloaded in an Apple computer or laptop?

Unfortunately, it is designed only for iPhone mobile and Apple watches but we are trying to put this app in your laptops and computers. Check back again in this website for updates.

Welcome to the Go TLDR website’s Frequently Asked Questions section. We hope that you find this section useful as you browse through our Go TLDR website according to your information needs.

Go TLDR messages application was created by the genius developers of this app. For you to understand the Go TLDR app, here are the features of our new and proudly released version of the application to enable iPhone and Apple watches users to read emails faster.

  • Go TLDR app takes the first 50 words of each incoming email and turns it into a post, so you can read emails as fast as you read your Facebook feeds
  • It allows you to quickly reply to emails directly from the feed, and only dive in when you really must. You can even respond with a Like to an email with just one tap.


We would like to send our gratitude to you for taking time to browse through our website and trusting our Go TLDR application. It is our honor to give you our services to make your reading emails easy and smooth. To know more information and if you have queries, kindly send us your email to info@gotldr.com.

To improve our services, we would love to hear any of your concerns and suggestions, please send us an email at feedback@gotldr.com. We will always get back to you and take an immediate action on all of your emails. We will consider your messages as great help for improving our application and services.

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