Welcome to the Go TLDR testimonial section of our website. Since you probably have a doubt on whether to trust our app, here are the few reviews of our users for you to know that our Go TLDR email app is great and works well on your iPhone and Apple watches. We know that reviews can be edited now, but ours are true and correct statements of satisfied users.
“I have used Go TLDR email app since it was released in the Apple store. It is easy to use and very reliable. You can never go wrong with this amazing email app.” @liza

“More complete and easier to use than any other iPhone email app. I can reply as easy as possible. It has Like, Archive, Delete and Save for Later actions that you can actually use to organize your emails. You can even send long messages and Go TLDR will shorten it hence, the recipient will receive a summarized version of your emails.”


“It has a nice user interface. It saves my time and effort. My emails are organized and can be easily read as what the Go TLDR email app said. It has an excellent service and it’s easy to download the app. I love that it has made my life easier.”


“This app makes things a lot easier and ensures better accessibility to my inbox than other email app. I just love Go TLDR app, it is synchronized seamlessly in my iPhone and Apple watch.”


“I have been using the Go TLDR email app for about a year and a half, so far I never had a bad situation with this app. It doesn’t face any technical problem yet. My life is much easier than before I started using this app. I will definitely recommend this to all and will give a two thumbs up for the developer of this app.”


Go TLDR messages application was created by the genius developers of this app. For you to understand the Go TLDR app, here are the features of our new and proudly released version of the application to enable iPhone and Apple watches users to read emails faster.

  • Go TLDR app takes the first 50 words of each incoming email and turns it into a post, so you can read emails as fast as you read your Facebook feeds
  • It allows you to quickly reply to emails directly from the feed, and only dive in when you really must. You can even respond with a Like to an email with just one tap.


We would like to send our gratitude to you for taking time to browse through our website and trusting our Go TLDR application. It is our honor to give you our services to make your reading emails easy and smooth. To know more information and if you have queries, kindly send us your email to info@gotldr.com.

To improve our services, we would love to hear any of your concerns and suggestions, please send us an email at feedback@gotldr.com. We will always get back to you and take an immediate action on all of your emails. We will consider your messages as great help for improving our application and services.

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